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Grandtastic... A piece of art


Big flower · Long vase life · Easy to work with 

The new big flower gypsophila in the market that offers superior whiteness and leafiness, characterized mainly by the larger size of its flowers, the firmness of the stems, and its exceptional long vase life.

It´s all about flower shape and outstanding shelf life

Due to its versatility, nobility, and exquisite beauty that creates unique volumes and contrasts, Grandtastic can be used not only as a complement in the creation of flower arrangements, but also as a protagonist of compositions worthy of an art gallery with the long lasting magical twist.

Grandtastic offers excellent cultivation characteristics!

·      Outstanding performance in the field

·      High production of stems per plant with low mortality 

·      Correct stem quality and weight. (45 gr +  and 80 cm stem length )

·      Easy to cultivate in any climate

·      Modern variety bred especially to meet the demand set by the growers; grow with a limited use of energy for lighting.

·      Big flower (12mm)

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