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Selecta cut flowers presents innovative Chrysanthemum assortment and trials

August 2020

Expressions Assortment Highlights 

“Selecta one, has been working in its Chrysanthemum breeding program for several years now, becoming each time, a more important player in an interesting growing market. We have deeply analyzed its context to fulfill its needs. We believe in sustainable breeding, supplying with genetic upgrades successful consolidated and stable assortments that meet worldwide quality, standards and conditions, adding value throughout the whole chain and assuring a place in the market for a responsible period of time” Felipe Gomez, Selecta cut flowers Area manager


Meets all requirements to be a successful white double flowered chrysanthemum with added value, it has good weight, large and firm stems, good floral points and scores well on transportation and vase life tests. It brings a fresh appearance and uniformity into different creations is that especial “something” that triggers and idea about what to do or create… it is the key white variety for spring combinations, looks gorgeous when paring with other flowers on bouquets.


Provides a colorful hemisphere with beautiful shades of pink and white, large flower heads that have plenty of visual appeal and contrast with its dark green Foliage. Additional qualities; good floral points and scores well on transportation and vase life tests.


A astonishing bronze flower ideal for autumn arrangements! Its huge flowers are long, tubular and tend to curl upwards. The flower´s so profusely that the foliage is completely hidden.