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Press Release

Selecta Cut Flowers at the IPM 2018: approved as well as new assortment

January 2018

At the IPM 2018 in Essen (GER) Selecta one presents again current highlights and developments of its assortment in hall 2 stand D21. With 180 m² the exhibition space remains the same as in the previous year and presents both new as well as approved varieties and introduces new and evolved projects. For the second time now, cut flowers of the subsidiary Selecta Cut Flowers will be exhibited. Founded in 1996 Selecta Cut Flowers is breeding, producing and marketing vegetatively propagated cut flower plants and has been offering a wide top quality assortment for Carnation, Gerberas, Gypsophila, Solidago and Chrysanthemum for the horticultural sector worldwide.

Dianthus - Introduction of the Kiwi Collection

The main highlight of Selecta Cut Flowers on the IPM is the Barbatus Kiwi collection, which revolutionizes, innovates and fulfills the market with added value in genetics, diversification and processing. Kiwi Mellow, Kiwi Boom and Kiwi Cherry which have no petals, but distinctive green hairs, different flowering methods and characteristics, make the Kiwi’s perfect varieties for all producers. These varieties stand out thanks to their color, shape, texture, stem development and height. KIWI’S bring diversity to producers, while having a balanced and stable assortment, ensuring high premium products for wholesalers and florists.

Dianthus Barbatus – fully round Premierball series

An established part of the IPM presentation is the extensive Premierball series which includes nine fast to produce and early to flower, Dianthus Barbatus varieties to be grown year-round, with voluminous, bright color and fully round shape flowers, excellent for mixed bouquets and modern arrangements. It has an exceptionally long vase life and is extremely versatile, meeting the needs of today‘s consumer.

Further highlights of the Selecta Cut Flowers IPM presentation:

Carnations, a world full of color!

Modern carnation has become a high-tech product, thanks to cutting-edge cultivation techniques, Selecta Cut Flowers is putting a main focus on their carnation assortment with the market-leading red success, Don Pedro along with vintage trendy colors varieties like Creola, Viper, Viper Wine that smoothly contrast with bright color and eye-catching varieties like Hermes orange Goblin, Bizet and Jodie.

Together with further lines the Selecta carnation assortment fulfils all demands of producers and consumers alike. Bacarat Collection, three standard bright bicolor carnations, bred for high tolerance to fusarium and very good field performance. First place award winning Lollipop Pink from the Lollipops Collection, spray carnation with stripe bicolor petals that make it stand out for their uniqueness!

Chrysanthemums, a promising rising program with excellent quality!

Magik, a excellent quality bicolor Daisy with large number of blooms and strong stems, holds white and purple petals that create and incredible contrast with it’s green center. It has a unique type of flower, shape and color characteristics that will bring diversity to the assortment. This novelty bicolor chrysanthemum is the perfect choice for consumer bunch.

Euphoria, a bright yellow cushion, has a fast cycle with high number of floral points, adding volume to the bunch with few stems.  Customers have highlighted its vigorous growth, uniform opening and good weight.  Just eye-catching!

Gypsophila, Redefined!

Pearls® series with outstanding performance from the field to the store are long-lasting varieties and the perfect choice for bouquet or for any floral arrangement. All Pearls® varieties are specially selected for their superior quality and longevity.

Pearls® Petite has small, semi-double flowers concentrated on a dense inflorescence and carried on strong and stable stems. It has terrific display volume. Fresh, new genetics specially designed to use in bouquets.

Pearls® Ginga-way has rich inflorescence with large, full, and pure white flowers, creating a snow effect. This variety has great resilience during shipping and does not have the typical gypso strong scent.

Pearls® Blossom with large, brilliant white flowers has a terrific vase life and display value. Its superior quality and impressive look make it an excellent choice for bouquets or for any floral arrangements. This variety is stunning on its own!

Solidago, dare to change and try for yourself the innovation of Estelle®!

Estelle® is here to fulfill the market’s needs by renewing the Solidago market and to show that customers are looking for unique products. Due to its cream color and perfect color absorption Estelle® is excellent for tinting. Its natural tone is what makes an arrangement outstanding in contrast to others in a similar composition. Try something new, dare to change... try Estelle®!


Selecta One

The family company Selecta one is a world-leader in breeding, producing and marketing vegetative propagated ornamental plants. The breeding activities include bedding and balcony plants, poinsettias, perennials and cut flowers. With eleven production sites and distribution companies in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, the corporate group serves all relevant markets worldwide. Quality and sustainability are our key concepts for innovations in the product and marketing sector, whilst responsibility and reliability are the basic principles for our dealings with customers, members of staff and the environment. Our commercial objective is to create a green product world, to win over and inspire gardeners, the trade and the end consumer.


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